The engaging new book from the mind of Elijah Shaw, one of the world's leading experts in Celebrity Protection & former Secret Service Agent Dale June, the best selling author of An Introduction to Executive Protection

An Introduction to Celebrity Protection & Touring

A Guide to Mastering the Business of VIP Security


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An Introduction to Celebrity Protection & Touring offers a peek behind the scenes of the close protection industry, more commonly known as the bodyguard business. More than the stereotypical “bullet blocker,” the modern protection specialist is a skilled practitioner who utilizes verbal judo much more than its physical counterpart.


The book, written by industry experts, Elijah Shaw & Dale June, gives the reader a behind the curtain glimpse into the world of touring, feature films & video, book signings and promotional appearances.


Containing real world advice, tactics and techniques on how to identify and defeat potential attackers, as well as covering everything from dealing with overzealous fans, to hyper-aggressive paparazzi, this book offers proven solutions from two experts that have covered the gambit from the Grammy Awards to the White House. 

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"There are no two ways to put it, Elijah Shaw is simply the best in his area of expertise."  

~Bob Duggan, Founder, Executive Security International (ESI)



“Elijah’s professionalism, patience, and strength represent only a small part of his character. His keen approach to protecting the lives of his clients is the epitome of VIP Security at its best.”

~Wayne Barrrow
President, Bystorm Entertainment
Manager, The Notorious B.I.G

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