The Fear of Failure

▪️ F E A R▪️

In January I released my first book, An Introduction to Celebrity Protection & Touring. If you spoke to one of the handful of people that knew ahead of time (my motto: show, don’t tell), they would agree that I was extremely hesitant. For one, I hadn’t ever written anything full length before. Additionally, I would be writing during the same time I was running the business and all that comes with it. (As life would have it, that period also saw one of my clients release two monumental albums and the international tours that accompany that.) But the real reason was, I was afraid. Afraid of how it would be received, afraid that it wouldn’t measure up to the books that don’t just come and go, but that last for decades, and are read and reread.

My road to overcoming that is what led me to shop the book around to a publisher instead of self-publishing (shoutout to all the self publishers, much respect/smart business model!) For me it was providing the work wasn’t a vanity project, but was something literary professionals could see existing in the marketplace. Plus I’d have an editor holding me to a deadline. — Oh and I really wanted the concept of a Signing Advance, so yes, I guess there was some vanity to it. 🤷🏾‍♂️)

Fast forward, we ended up with a #1 Amazon Best Seller in multiple categories (including Business Consulting and Vocational Guidance) and I just learned from my publisher that from a sales perspective, we are in the top 5% of their new releases historically. Not bad considering they have been around since 1927. In the end, it was fear that almost led me to never start, but it was also fear of giving up that made me finish.

If you are interested, you can pick up the book, HERE.


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