Don't Get Comfortable

Every Protector yearns for the point in their career when they can lock in their dream client:  One that will respect their work both professionally and financially.  That is the brass ring in our business, aka, the sacred cow, however, on the road to eating Filet Mignon, there are bound to be several Big Mac’s along the route.  So, as we proceed on this journey to success, we have to make sure we navigate the potholes, namely, doing the job as required without becoming too comfortable in our role, leading to potentially disastrous results. 

Throughout my career, I’ve seen an unfortunate occurrence happen time and time again.  An agent works hard to reach an established position with a client and after a length of time, sometimes months, sometimes years, they do something that gets them removed from the Detail.  Now there is absolutely no doubt about it, some VIP’s are just temperamental, and their need for security, or the...

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